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LIFE2 – The Life You Were Created to Live

Jesus said he came to earth to give “more and better life” to anyone who would follow Him. Yet, I believe that most of us who say we are Christ-followers fail to follow when He calls us to a whole new life in a whole new territory.

Ancient maritime maps used to show, beyond areas explored by the civilized world of their day, the words, “Here Be Dragons!” The story of Abraham in the book of Genesis is a captivating story of a person who faced the Dragons and found, not death, but full life.

Don’t settle for things as they are, aspire for things as God meant them to be. Discover a new way of being human and become a new kind of human being!

With taut writing, graphic metaphors, and fresh descriptive language, Life 2 will jolt you out of comfortable ruts into a new perspective on what it means literally share the very life of Jesus.

Reviews of this book

Ken Johnson is right on target! His wise counsel and street-level delivery will have you repeating over and over his stories and anecdotes.

Norm Sturm

This book reminds us that there is so much more life to live than we are living.  The author shares personal stories, biblical truths, and reminders of who we are and how we have been called to live…abundantly! A must-read for all who long to see themselves as God sees them and dare to believe there is more.

Tony Hamman

Our world seems to lurch from one crisis to the next. The latest one, a worldwide pandemic, reminds us that life is extremely fragile, and care must be taken to protect and preserve it. Knowing this, why would we waste precious days, months, and years in “the numbing fog of sameness”? If there is a sweeter, stronger, brighter, deeper current of life available (and there is), let’s pursue it. We may find out that this Life has been pursuing us all along.

Larry Libby


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