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SIGNS OF LIFE – God’s Invitation to a Better, Stronger & Longer Life

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What if you could be more alive tomorrow than you are today? What if you could have more purpose, meaning, joy and vitality in your life?

Jesus, the ‘most alive’ person who ever left a footprint on this planet, said He came to give us “life in all its fullness.” What is this full life that Jesus spoke of? It’s a more alive life, a rich, deep, satisfying, extended life. It is a better life than you ever dreamed of.

Jesus’ best friend, a man named John, paints, in his gospel, an amazing picture of the Life-Giver, and tells us in an understandable way, how to discover and experience amazing, higher-level aliveness.

John’s account shows us that it’s not too late for God to bring life into our dead places. Is God calling out to something dead in you? A buried talent? A deceased dream? A past-tense hope? An unresponsive heart? You may think it’s too late, but He doesn’t.

God wants you to have a great life, and an even better forever. It’s possible. It’s available. It awaits you! Why not go for it? Why not start now by taking a slow walk through the book of John?

Reviews of this book

I had the privilege of serving for several years on the local church team Ken Johnson led. As a leader, Ken thought broadly and deeply about tasks and challenges, gave careful attention to detail, and took the initiative to lead actively and well. He gives “Signs of Life” the same attention to detail, the same practical explanation, and the same sort of call to action I’ve come to expect from him. The stories are relatable and helpful. The message is true. The application is precise. You should read this book.

Jim Stephens – Pastor, Missionary, Author

Have you ever found yourself wondering if there is more to life? Ken Johnson’s newest book, Signs of Life, will help you begin a journey to satisfy that longing for more. Five minutes a day could change your life!

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