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Do you feel good about yourself?


Do you feel good about how others perceive you? Do you feel valuable and significant? Do you feel accepted, and appreciated? If you can answer each of those questions with a resounding “YES!” you are a fortunate person.

The author is an optimist who lived a positive, productive life from childhood to middle age. A graph of his life to that point would have been all ‘up-and-to-the-right’. Socially, emotionally, materially and spiritually Ken Johnson’s life progressively became larger, better, and brighter.

But in the midst of major misfortune Ken, a life-long optimist, suddenly finds himself in a dark dungeon of depression. His positive self-image evaporates, his health deteriorates, and his emotions plummet.

Ken isn’t alone. Twenty-six percent of Americans say they have found themselves to be on the verge of an emotional breakdown. According to the Mental Health Foundation, one in five will suffer from clinical depression. These percentages, along with suicide rates, have increased appreciably over the last few decades.

In When it All Comes Down, it All Comes Down to This, Ken opens his heart and his journal and simply shares his journey from rock-less rock-bottom to a life of peace and purpose, and shows how to:

Put depression in your rear-view mirror.
Keep going when everything seems to be breaking down
Arrest anxiety
Nip worry in the bud
Find a solid foundation for your life
Experience the highest form of love

This simple book is a lifeline for those who struggle, usually secretly, with discouragement, depression, and low self-esteem.

Reviews of this book

“Even if”…  words that are terrifying to think about until you read, “When It All Comes Down …” Coming to the understanding that God’s “even if” love is bigger than any circumstance we’ll ever find ourselves facing sets us free to live our lives with godly abandon. In this book, you will find the tools needed to live out your full potential within the safety of God’s love. 
 Janice Mayo Mathers

Life has a way of shaking us, shaking us so to the point that only that which is unshakeable remains.  I have been rocked with the death of my daughter, with the death of my marriage with the death of my dreams.  In the face of death is where Ken takes us and then delivers us to the very point of life, God’s everlasting love for each of us.  This is a good word to the soul that is dismayed and in darkness.

Craig Riley

Have people and experiences written graffiti on your heart that pulls you into depression?  Ken traversed the perilous trail of “The dark night of the soul,” and in these pages, he bares it all. This book is a must-read to get to the heart of how God loves you ALWAYS.


Transparent, raw, and real! Ken Johnson writes as one who has gone through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and learned what it means to find comfort in the rod and the staff of the Good Shepherd.  This book communicates to the reader an authentic understanding of dealing with overwhelming challenges, pain, and depression. The experiences that Ken shares in this book teach us how to get through the fiery trials we go through and thrive on the other side.

Glenn Landerkin



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