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What if you could be more alive tomorrow than you are today? What if you could have more purpose, meaning, joy and vitality in your life?

About Ken Johnson

Even before he graduated with a degree in Business Administration, Ken started several businesses that flourished far beyond anything he imagined. At age 29, Ken sold his businesses and became ‘Pastor’ to a group of twenty or so new, young Christ-followers. Eventually Ken found himself serving three thousand people. The theme of the congregation was ‘People with Purpose.’ Ken’s theme verse was spoken by Jesus of Nazareth: “A thief comes to steal and kill and destroy, but I come to give life – life in all its fullness.” Ken’s goal was, and still is, to simply help people experience the full life Christ had in mind when He came to “give life” to this world.



Come and See

Andrew was a disciple of John the Baptist. When John called Jesus “the Lamb of God,” Andrew and a friend began to tail Jesus like two detectives. Sensing He was being followed, Jesus turned and asked them point-blank what they wanted. Without hesitation, they said...

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Out of The Spotlight

“It’s not about you.” That is the first sentence in Rick Warren’s book, Purpose – Driven Life. That is a surprise opening for writing purchased by tens of millions of people. I think if he were alive today, John would agree with that challenging proposal. John the...

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It’s Not About Me

Ten years ago, God was teaching me how to get free from myself. He clearly (and somewhat painfully) revealed that I was living a self-centered, self-absorbed life. For the next two years, I said these four words at least once every day: “It’s not about me.” At first...

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