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What if you could be more alive tomorrow than you are today? What if you could have more purpose, meaning, joy and vitality in your life?

About Ken Johnson

Even before he graduated with a degree in Business Administration, Ken started several businesses that flourished far beyond anything he imagined. At age 29, Ken sold his businesses and became ‘Pastor’ to a group of twenty or so new, young Christ-followers. Eventually Ken found himself serving three thousand people. The theme of the congregation was ‘People with Purpose.’ Ken’s theme verse was spoken by Jesus of Nazareth: “A thief comes to steal and kill and destroy, but I come to give life – life in all its fullness.” Ken’s goal was, and still is, to simply help people experience the full life Christ had in mind when He came to “give life” to this world.




I’m admitting it right here in print: I’m not too proud to ask for a “mulligan.”   A mulligan is not just an Irish stew, but a gracious second chance—a new shot at doing things right. It isn’t strictly legal or by-the-book, but now and then it makes all the...

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New Life Family

John called his Lord, his friend, Jesus “The Life-light.” Light is a revelation. I can choose to reject revelation. Closing my eyes or wearing a blindfold doesn’t convert light to darkness, but it does prevent me from seeing the light. Many of Christ’s creations will...

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John the Baptist understood that his primary mission in life was to reflect the radiant Life-light of Jesus Christ. Five times in the gospel of John, he is called a “witness.” He wanted people to recognize that Jesus was God’s flesh-and-blood invitation to...

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