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INVEST FIVE MINUTES a day into becoming more alive…. 

Years ago, I caught a bullfrog with a fishing pole and a monofilament line. I had attached my big golf-ball-sized bobber at the end of the line. Carefully casting the bobber out in front of the frog, I wiggled it a little and waited. With first one eye and then the other, the bullfrog stared at the wiggling bobber. Finally, he did what I knew he would do. In a flash, he opened his mouth as big as Rhode Island and swallowed the whole thing. He refused to let go of his prize until I drug him to the shallows and grabbed him.

What an appetite! (The frog’s, not mine!) 

It doesn’t work that way when it comes to following Christ. You might have a very large desire to grow in your faith—even the appetite of a bullfrog—but you can’t swallow a whole new life in one gulp. That’s why God gave us years, months, days, hours, and minutes. As a matter of fact, each 24-hour day contains 1,440 minutes. Would you be willing to invest five of those minutes in learning how to become more alive? 

If that sounds inviting, let’s dive into the gospel of John together— day by day, page by page, verse by verse. John is a book about life. It’s all about how to live deeper, higher, fuller, sweeter, and richer than ever be- fore. It’s a book about the most alive person who has ever left a footprint on this planet. In him was life (John 1:4a, KJV). 

Life challenge: What’s something life-giving that you’ve been postponing because it seems too big to do? Could you break it down into bite-sized portions?