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The book of John in the Bible is a book about life. It’s all about how to live deeper, higher, fuller, sweeter, and richer than ever be- fore. It’s a book about the most alive person who has ever left a footprint on this planet. In him was life (John 1:4a, KJV) 

Life isn’t only in Jesus, He invented it. The apostle Peter, at considerable risk to his own neck, stood in front of a hostile audience and declared Jesus to be the author of life. (Acts 3:15, NLT). 

The gospel of John tells us how to actually get the life that is in Jesus Christ into us. The book you hold in your hand breaks John’s gospel into five-minute, bite-sized truths about ALIVENESS. Each page, based on just a few words from John, ends with a personal invitation—a challenge to invest one minute in thinking about a life question, concept, challenge, or action. Brief excerpts from the Bible, the book of Life, will appear in bold-faced type without quote marks around them. My hope is that each five-minute investment will yield a rich return on the other 1,435 minutes of your day. As a matter of fact, the bottom-line return on your investment might very well exceed your wildest dreams. 

Richer, larger, better life. 24/7…365…forever.

Life Action: Get your hands on a good Bible translation and pick the best time to invest what may become the most important five minutes of your day.