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‘Mulligan’ is a golfing term used mostly by ‘golfers’ like me who might be called ‘floggers.’ A mulligan is a second chance, a free opportunity to try again and do better.

Jesus came to give His life so He could offer you and me a mulligan—a fresh shot at life. Anyone who believes Jesus Christ is who He says He is (“the Life”) and receives His gift of profound, unending aliveness, is born into His eternally alive family. 

Being alive means being the true me, the child-of-God me. It is a process of becoming more and more genuine—and I get another shot at it when my prior attempts roll into the sand trap or rough. If you do life with God, you might pray for a mulligan, but you don’t pay for a mulligan. A mulligan is about grace, about the undeserved favor of God. But it’s not cheap grace. The truth is, obtaining new life for you and me cost the Lord his earthly life. 

From the fullness of his grace, we have all received one blessing after another (John 1:16). 

Life Question: Is there someone to whom you should offer a mulligan?