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Jesus Christ knows us because He made us. Scripture tells us that all things, including people, including you and me, we’re made for Him, and through Him (see Romans 11:36). Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made (John 1:3). 

When God made us, He created within us a desire to be known. That desire to be seen and acknowledged by others is a big part of our relational nature. 

And God certainly knows us! He knows who we are behind all of our masks and disguises. Jesus gave Peter new news about Peter (verse 42), and then told Nathanael supposedly private things about Nathaniel (verse 48). Over and over, Jesus told people unknown things about their character and potential, secrets about the very essence of who they were meant to be and could be. 

Since God knows me even better than I know myself, perhaps I should ask Him what He knows. Once I catch a glimpse of what God sees in me, I’ll never be the same. 

Life Challenge: First, find a watch or clock. Then ask God if there is something that He knows about you He wants you to know also. Still your mind and listen to His voice for at least one minute.