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Jesus didn’t just snap his fingers and perform a miracle whenever he wanted to. Later in His ministry, He said, “I do only what I see the Father doing.” What’s more, He acted only when He saw the Father acting. Jesus mentioned the importance of correct timing over and over in His three years of public ministry. Too many miracles too soon would mean He would be killed before God’s designated time.

Proper timing is critical in life. It’s essential in pregnancy, birth, poetry, sports, cooking, joke-telling, and skydiving. Timing is important to God, too, and it’s an element He uses to fine-tune our obedience. 

I wonder what Mary would have done if, at the wedding in Cana, the Lord had said, “Not now” or “Not yet”? We’ll never know because Jesus, receiving the green light from heaven, went ahead and made a large quantity of miracle wine. 

“Not yet” isn’t easy for me. Everything in me wants to run ahead, arrive early, beat the clock, and finish the task before I’ve even found out what it involves. How about you? If you missed the mark, would it tend to be too late or too early? One important thing about being a student-follower of Jesus is getting synchronized with God and His Holy Spirit. Are you? In one of his letters, the apostle Paul wrote these wise words: Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit (Galatians 5:25). 

Life Challenge: Write down one thing in your future to which you look forward. How difficult would it be for you to hear God say, “Not yet” to that plan or event?