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In the Jewish culture of New Testament days, weddings were important week-long celebrations, filled with joy and laughter, food, and wine. The groom’s family was usually responsible for providing the wine—and yes, it was a huge deal.

Jesus, His mother, and a few of His disciples were at a wedding in Bethany when the wine supply ran out. The Lord’s mother decided to intervene, perhaps because she was a close friend of the bridegroom’s family. She went to the servants and gave them some wise advice regarding her Son: “Do whatever he tells you” (John 2:5).

And that’s what they did. When Jesus directed them to fill six substantial stone jars with water, they filled them to the brim (John 2:7). Then Jesus told them to dip some water out of the pots and take it to the master of the banquet. Again, they did exactly what he told them to do, and an amazing thing happened. The master of the feast sniffed and sipped the freshly drawn well water turned to wine and was stunned by the delicious aroma and balanced, harmonious flavor.

Jesus saved someone’s reputation and made for a merrier wedding. I think he liked that. 

Life Question: What do you think Jesus’ mother would have done if he declined her request?