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We exist to help people live at a higher level.


People More Alive:
More purposeful, more passionate and more connected to God.


God creates every person with the potential to be fully alive.

There is a dark force (“A thief”) who strives to diminish, or even demolish, our lives.

God sent His Life-Giving Son to earth to detain, defeat and eventually destroy The Life-Taker.

There is dormant vitality in each of us that can be awakened and activated by true truth.

Existence is a struggle to survive; aliveness is a thirst for more life.

To do more than survive – to thrive – you must know your God-given purpose.

You must let go of ‘life as it has been’ to receive ‘life as it could be.’

About Ken Johnson

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Ken was raised in Oregon’s lush, green Willamette Valley.

He graduated in 1972 from George Fox University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and he went on to experience seven years of rich fruitfulness as a businessman.

Surprisingly, Ken felt a divine nudge to leave the business realm where he was thriving and become a minister. He was Lead Pastor at Juniper Chapel in Redmond, Oregon for seven years, and then Lead Pastor at Westside Church in Bend, Oregon for twenty-seven years. Both churches experienced dynamic spiritual and numerical growth.

In 2010, Ken began to sense that very soon his accent should shift from speaking to writing. Three years later Ken handed the Westside Lead Pastor baton to Steve Mickel. Under Steve’s wise leadership, Westside continues to grow and plant new churches.

Ken is now focused on helping people become more alive through books he has written or is writing, and through his blog: Much More Alive. He has published two books: Life2 – Limitless Living and When It All Comes Down It All Comes Down to This – Live in God’s Love. His third book, Signs of Life – The Amazing, Available Aliveness of God, will be published soon.

Ken and his wife Linda cherish their three children and their spouses, as well as their eight amazing grandkids.

Ken’s main goal is the same every day: Absorb and share God’s love, and help a few people become more alive, much more alive!