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Filled to the Brim

In the Jewish culture of New Testament days, weddings were important week-long celebrations, filled with joy and laughter, food, and wine. The groom’s family was usually responsible for providing the wine—and yes, it was a huge deal. Jesus, His mother, and a few of...

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Jesus didn’t just snap his fingers and perform a miracle whenever he wanted to. Later in His ministry, He said, “I do only what I see the Father doing.” What’s more, He acted only when He saw the Father acting. Jesus mentioned the importance of correct timing over and...

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I was born almost two months premature. When my dad first saw me—all skin and bones—he smiled, shook his head, and said to the nurse, “Put him back in. He’s not done yet!” I showed up too early. (Since then, I’ve been late most of the time). Timing is important. It’s...

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Better Than I Know Myself

Jesus Christ knows us because He made us. Scripture tells us that all things, including people, including you and me, we're made for Him, and through Him (see Romans 11:36). Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made (John...

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Google Earth

When my son Jeremy was eleven, I took him archery hunting. I called in a monster bull elk, and it stopped only twenty yards from him. “Dad,” my little hunter told me later, “I was scared! I was hiding in one of those little fir trees. I could almost feel his breath,...

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Bi-focal God

When Jesus looks into us, He sees it all—our potential, our flaws, the whole nine yards. A few years after He first met Peter, Jesus told His disciples they would all abandon Him. Peter said, “I won’t ever abandon you. I will stay with you through thick and thin,...

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