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Come and See

Andrew was a disciple of John the Baptist. When John called Jesus “the Lamb of God,” Andrew and a friend began to tail Jesus like two detectives. Sensing He was being followed, Jesus turned and asked them point-blank what they wanted. Without hesitation, they said...

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Out of The Spotlight

“It’s not about you.” That is the first sentence in Rick Warren’s book, Purpose – Driven Life. That is a surprise opening for writing purchased by tens of millions of people. I think if he were alive today, John would agree with that challenging proposal. John the...

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It’s Not About Me

Ten years ago, God was teaching me how to get free from myself. He clearly (and somewhat painfully) revealed that I was living a self-centered, self-absorbed life. For the next two years, I said these four words at least once every day: “It’s not about me.” At first...

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As Plain as Day

John the Baptist was a hot item in his culture for a brief interval of time. When asked who he was, said he wasn’t the Messiah, wasn’t Elijah, wasn’t the prophet, and wasn’t the main attraction. Instead, he called himself messenger, a herald. He announced the upcoming...

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You First

John the Baptist was causing quite a stir in Israel. Multitudes were coming to him to be baptized in the muddy waters of the Jordan River. For that short season, he was a rock star—the most famous man in Israel.  It’s nice when people think highly of you. Don’t...

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Second Chance

‘Mulligan’ is a golfing term used mostly by ‘golfers’ like me who might be called ‘floggers.’ A mulligan is a second chance, a free opportunity to try again and do better. Jesus came to give His life so He could offer you and me a mulligan—a fresh shot at life. Anyone...

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